Overseas Projects
Maputo City Center March 2019

Maputo City Center is a mixed use project which will rise up in the glamorous coast of Maputo. It’s a mixed use Project with five towers with a wide view of Indian Ocean. The towers are planned to maintain the most ocean view and fresh air reaching the coast. The gross area will be approximately 260.000 m2. Two hotel blocks are planned to have more than 700 rooms total. Most of the rooms area looking directly to the ocean. The Office block welcomes companies to the rapidly develop ...

Place: Maputo / Mozambik Area: 260000 m²
Ocaliptus 2000 Sosyal Konut Projesi March 2018

It's the work of building 2000 Social Housings (Turnkey) project in Alger Capital of Algeria for ministry of housing and urban planning, land development and business administration. Tunnel formwork constructed buildings have 6 stories. The project has two steps. First step will have 71 blocks, 1666 houses. The second step will have 16 blocks, 380 houses.

Place: Alger / Cezayir Area: 250000 m²
Baku Rekreasyon Projesi July 2013

The recreation project of city Baku organised by governorship.

Place: Bakü / AZERBAYCAN Area: 20000 m²
Sochi Olimpiyat Köyü June 2013

The project isa part of 2014 XXII. VVİnter Olympic Village in Sochi, consists of 340 units.

Place: Sochi / RUSYA Area: 30000 m²