Real Estate Business Development Group

In today’s world there is a huge demand for the modern shopping centers, houses for the ones who want to enjoy living in modern buildings and qualified business centers as a result of increasing population and workload, economic development and globalism. Thus, real estate takes over as one of the most reasonable investments in Turkey which has been our regular market.

Ontan Real Estate Development Group’s aims can be classified as determining the expectations of the market by analyzing the demands and the needs of the customers properly, developing unique projects on the valuable areas which are suitable for these expectations of the world standards and providing complete customer satisfaction.

Since its establishment our company has grown continuously in accordance with organizational goals and by developing projects which are unique, ecological and sustainable considering the lifestyles with the help of architectural differentials and leadership in design, our company has become one of the leading companies in the industry.

Until today some of the projects which were carried out and continued by our company are as follows; Ontan Bayraklı, Ontan Manisa, Modda Mavişehir, Myvia Garden, Myvia 414, Su Alaçatı, Ontan Rezidans, Ontan Housings, Medar Villas. The aforementioned projects have been always one step ahead because of superior technical details, their robustness and safety in the construction which we did not and will not comprise.

In the context of Real Estate Business Development, Feasibility, Business Development Project Planning, Contracting, Sales, after-sales services and businesses are conducted by departments within the group.

Ontan Real Estate Development Group develops projects which become prominent with their concepts, quality and designs in well-chosen areas that can be viewed as discrepancy. We always prioritize the robustness and safety and apply it -without making any concessions- in the projects carried out and planned to be carried out and we will provide the maximum profitability to our private and institutional investors in accordance with expectations.